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A Scene?

"SCENES" is a mini-docuseries by SoundCloud that features various rising and thriving music scenes on the platform. It is meant to highlight strong musical communities, depict their collective culture, and celebrate their unified efforts in their craft. The series was Billie's first endeavor as a creative director for SoundCloud. The series was a platinum winner at the 2022 AVA Digital Awards. 

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Episode 1 covered the "digicore" scene -- one completely fostered online through platforms like SoundCloud. Prominent figures Angelus, Midwxst, and d0llywood1 were given the chance to chronicle their scene's history, discuss its artistic makeup, and convey the influence of the entire online community that surrounds the music by itself. Their expressed culture epitomized the current state of online music, and its future all the same.


Episode 2 covered the highly-influential PC Music label. Known for setting the mark for experimental pop music to enter the mainstream lexicon, the label has dictated a brand new era for self-taught and self-incentivized musicians to untite together both online and in-person. The episode sees label founder A.G. Cook and fellow label acts Umru, Astra King, and Namasenda giving closure to how their platform has inspired these happenings, and how they did so via the power of creating a collectivized culture of limitless creativity on the Web through their art. 

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