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Aside from her main career endeavors, Billie has contributed a number of written pieces and projects alike to other sources. In the journalism world, she's written for such publications as Vice via i-D, Complex via Pigeons and Planes, Bandcamp Daily, and numerous others. She serves as a frequent contributor and columnist for Lyrical Lemonade as well.


Up until the publication's demise in late 2020, she served as the news section lead for Private Suite Magazine -- the first music publication solely dedicated to covering the online-based "vaporwave" music scene.


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Selected Pieces

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Digicore captures the angst of coming of age during a global pandemic | i-D Vice


Young American Primitive Imagined the Future of Trance in 1993 | Bandcamp Daily


Uncut Gems and the Increasing Exposure of Vaporwave | Private Suite Magazine


Shaping the Sound of COA | Lyrical Lemonade


Vaporwave's Corporate Dichotomy | Utopia District


Maryn E. Coote’s “Maskeraad” is Timeless Lo-Fi Funk from the 'Queen of Estonian Jazz' | Bandcamp Daily


Get Metsmerized: The MLB’s Novelty Rap Songs | No Bells


Umru: A Master Of Curation, and Why His Take On “movinglikeazombie” is More Than Just a Remix | Lyrical Lemonade


The Rotation [November 2020]: COA | Pigeons and Planes, Complex


Mario Judah: A Rockstar in Full Effect | Lyrical Lemonade


Best New Artists [July 2020]: osquinn | Pigeons and Planes, Complex

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