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Billie at... SoundCloud

Her work consists of discovering, analyzing, and fostering online music scenes on the service in a variety of manners -- all centering around various media projects, series, and other forms of content. Her role in creative direction sees them constructing, proposing, and conducting said projects from the ground-up. This work led her into numerous artist-based creative ventures for the platform, including playlist curation, artist/community relations, and of course their media projects.

What's her job? 

She originally fostered the creation of the platform's digicore and web tempo playlists, and have handled their overall curation and social media endeavors. She is the creator and producer of "Inside the Clouds" -- a short-form documentary series found on the platform's YouTube channel. She also handles content promotion on the platform's Twitter account. She has also produced the platform's other short-from documentary series "SCENES".

What has she done?
When did it begin?

She was first brought into SoundCloud in late 2020 to help conduct their inaugural "SCENES" video series. She played a central role in the project's first inception -- interviewing artists from the PC Music label - including labelhead A.G. Cook - as well as acts from the ever-prominent digicore scene. It was this scene where she'd play her biggest and ongoing role with the platform, as she has helped to foster this community with a direct connection to SoundCloud itself. The series was a platinum winner at the 2022 AVA Digital Awards

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