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by Cody Tu
by Cody Tu
by Cody Tu

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Billie Bugara is a 23-year-old research student and media consultant. She is a master's candidate at New York University in the school's Media, Culture, and Communication program. She has been interviewed by outlets such as Insider, Pitchfork, Complex, and more for her insight on modern digital culture. 

Her research is broadly centered around visual culture, with an emphasis on consumer aesthetics and consumerism. You can view a library of her research work here.

She worked with streaming service SoundCloud from 2020-2022 offering a variety of media services. These included, but were not limited to, social media management, social media sentiment analysis, and playlist curation. Her social media and curatorial efforts - particularly in the creation of the Digicore Playlist - resulted in a great deal of success for the brand. She has since worked with record labels such as Atlantic Records, Warner Records, and Year0001 Records, offering media services like creative direction, public relations, and biography writing among many others.


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